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"Cindy has photographed for Encore Stage & Studio for five seasons and she continues to blow us away with her photography and perspective. She captures the most subtle, yet beautiful moments both onstage and backstage. These moments become so impactful for our print and digital materials to share the story of how theatre inspires young people. " 

Not only are her photos amazing, Cindy is such a delight to work with! Her easy-going and personable approach makes the experience natural and fun for our children and staff. We are so grateful for Cindy for capturing "theatre by kids, for kids!" 



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I asked Cindy to photograph our family of five at the only home our kids had known before our cross-country move. The pictures literally took my breath away when I saw them.

image of sisters giggling on the bed
image of family sitting on front stoop

From silliness to orneriness she got us all. Almost every picture feels like Cindy was hiding behind a tree and just so happened to catch my girls climbing it,  or my husband tickling our youngest. When it was over even the reluctant teenager said it was fun.     -VL

headshot of Andy Kutler

Cindy is the best. And such a pro, with incredible energy and enthusiasm. I love the headshots she has produced for my author website and dustjackets – I wouldn’t trust anyone else with those. She just knows how to put her subjects at ease and capture a moment.     -AK

image of Andy Kutler's dustjacket
image of husband and wife with two dogs

Our 8 year old dog was diagnosed with cancer, so I called Cindy to see if she would be able to come out and take some family photos ASAP.

Cindy was so flexible and compassionate in our initial conversations and I knew right away she was the perfect person to capture these important memories for us. On the day of the photoshoot she was kind and patient, and made my husband and dogs feel so comfortable.

wall art of husband and wife with two dogs
image of man with two dogs

The photos Cindy captured of our family are natural and in the moment, and really show our love for each other. The death of our dog was heartbreaking, but I'm so happy we have these wonderful photos to remember him by. I can't thank Cindy enough or recommend her more highly, especially for this sensitivity of our situation!           -CB

image of woman kissing her dog's head

I found Cindy through a recommendation from a nurse caring for our baby. I didn't want to miss out on newborn photos just because our baby was in the NICU. The challenge with NICU photography is that every day is unpredictable. Anything can happen.                      

Cindy was so positive and respectful of our situation. Her energy was exactly what I needed in a time of uncertainty with my baby. For an hour I was in a happy place and not thinking about all the medical stuff.     

CindyKanePhotography- Parrott2021-45.jpg

I have worked with a number of different photographers and Cindy has been one of my favorites to shoot with! Her presence is very comfortable and her experience is obvious. I felt at ease working with her and am looking forward to the next time we get to shoot together. Her style really captures my eye! It’s apparent how much she loves her work and I feel privileged I had a chance to work with her.           -ES


My husband and I got Steve (English mastiff) during the first year of our marriage, and as we didn’t have any children he became a sort of son for us. As he aged we knew we would want photos to remember him - so we got in touch with Cindy.


The day of the shoot had been cold and snowy - Steve's favorite kind of weather. Cindy walked through a wooded park with us, giving minimal direction, just capturing who we naturally were together. She managed to capture our relationship almost like a fly on the wall, without any kind of false perspective or posing for show.


After Steve passed it was an incredible gift to be able to look back at the photos she had taken of us - they show a beautiful glimpse into his personality, his expressions, and the deep bond we shared. We’ll be forever grateful for the way she saw us through her camera lens and captured those moments for us to look back on.     -MT


Cindy has been taking our family photos since 2015.  Over the years, we have grown into a family of five and Cindy has grown along with us.  We have three active children with three very different personalities.  Cindy can connect with each of them on a personal level and beautifully capture each of their personalities with her camera.  


Cindy is kind, patient, and flexible and you can see that her whole heart goes into her work and the people she works with.      -JB

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 3.14.08 PM.png

Cindy brings a peace and calm with her to the job - she just kind of disappears into the backdrop of the hospital room and quietly extracts with her camera lens those first moments you never want to forget. She made the whole process so comfortable and natural, with her own experience as a mother providing an added sense of nurturing to her craft. She engaged so sweetly with our older daughters while somehow sneaking adorable shots of their responses and reactions to their little brother's waking up to the world.


On top of talent behind the camera, a hospital photographer's ability to blend into their surroundings, interact with staff, navigate around medical equipment, respect the process going on, and keep everyone at ease is crucial -- Cindy nails this balance with true professionalism and grace.     -AL 


Cindy traveled to my tiny New York apartment to take photos of my aging cat, Milkface.

Her gentle approach really captured Milkface's sweet personality and miraculously, no hint of claustrophobia from my cramped apartment. 

After Milkface's passing, Cindy worked with me to design the picture's unique framing style and the result was simply fantastic. Quality far beyond what I could have done on my own.



Speaking from experience: Cindy Kane is the family member you didn’t know you had until she arrived at your hospital room door during one of the most significant, earth shattering, and vulnerable times of your life. The warmth and empathy Cindy naturally radiates makes you feel like longtime childhood friends. She knows exactly what to say, when to say it, and moves throughout the hospital room with a gentle ease and a tender purpose. She treats her subject as if it were a loved one of her own--with the utmost compassion and respect.     -KC


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