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When I look back at the photos Cindy took of me and my new growing family, I almost forget how badly I wanted to die in my sleep. She’s worth every penny!                           

                  -LG, new motherhood survivor, repeat client


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image of cat on colorful quilt
wall art of cat on colorful quilt

Cindy traveled to my tiny New York apartment to take photos of my aging cat, Milkface.

Her gentle approach really captured Milkface's sweet personality and miraculously, no hint of claustrophobia from my cramped apartment. 

After Milkface's passing, Cindy worked with me to design the picture's unique framing style and the result was simply fantastic. Quality far beyond what I could have done on my own.


I miss my little buddy pretty much everyday, but the photos Cindy took for me are all I need.     -SE

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